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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still in the dark

11th September

My 'friend' (refer earlier post) emailed me saying that they had been advised that CMU LI was moving to Far Eastern University (FEU) and was issuing ED visas to students under that name. Apparently the migration happens on the 13th. I have been told by some, not involved, that it is not unusual for schools to move around.

Neither I or my friend have heard of Far Eastern and I have been reading about Thai Language courses for about 9 months now. In all fairness, if they don't currently offer a Thai Language course, perhaps that's feasible.

So, I sit and wait again for a reply to my email (advising that I am waiting for my police check to be returned) to CMU LI sent on the 8th. The police check is due to be returned in a week or so, and at that time I will post my visa application, leaving only four and a half weeks until our departure!

If the Thai course is moving house, is Stray's TEFL course also? One would think so and I hope that's the case. It's comforting to me that we will be in the same area, in the early days of our stay. I really don't mind if the institute is relocating, I'm still happy to proceed as planned.

12th September

I came across this CMULI promotional video (complete with spelling mistake), uploaded to YouTube only four days ago. Since this member also joined the same day and has uploaded this video only, I ask myself...why? Is it an attempt to resurrect the institute's reputation or is it redefining its purpose?

All very odd considering what 'friend' has just told me.

'We are one of the leading educators in Northern Thailand, we offer: language training courses, preparation courses, editing and translation services, community development programs, enrichment camps and team building programs, international exchange programs as well as educational tour programs."

One year Thai course? TEFL course? Perhaps they fall under 'language training courses'? No sight of any middle aged foreigners, like myself, sitting at those desks or strolling through the grounds.

I continue to practice my mai bpen rais, jai yen yens and smiling.

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  1. How frustrating for you. And you are not even here yet (and I believe that's the second time I've said this on your site).

    If it's any consolation, you will learn more than Thai in Thailand. You will learn how to take deep breaths too. Many, many deep breaths.

    I know that I'm a better person for it. What used to drive me bonkers no longer does because getting angry in Thailand only assures one of not getting what they want.

    And while smiles usually do have a better chance, I do know Thais who are talented at using sternness to get their way. But they are Thai school teachers, so I'm not sure how that works for ordinary expats threatening to blow a gasket.

    So might as well learn how to smile until tears stream down your face...



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