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Monday, September 13, 2010

Unsettling course (of) events

Late 13th September

Having not received a reply from 'the top' of CMULI, I resent an email asking for confirmation that my visa document has indeed been forwarded to the Thai Consulate in Brisbane, as advised on the 8th. That email gave me a list of items to send to the consulate, it made no mention of the official visa application form. Since I am still waiting for the police check to be returned, I have not bothered to clarify this.

On Thai Visa, where this blog has been quoted, theories and suggestions are being posted, but the most interesting one is from the originator (who is there right now, facing these visa issues) of the forum topic:

"My source also "at the top" of CMU LI told me a slightly different version of the story. The reason (which was never made public) Thai Immigration was suddenly all over CMU LI was some farang students have committed (or have been accused of committing) some hideous crime, which I would not specify. Because the "farang criminals" got their visas through CMU LI, Thai Immigration, justifiably or not, views the program and its remaining farangs in the LI with suspicion (to say the least). I was told that even if the LI director signs the support letters, Thai Immigration would not accept them right now if we take them to do our visa renewal. To me, Thai Immigration could do their inspection of paperwork and investigation and whatnot, but suspending visa renewal for students in good standing (like myself) and causing all these problems of overstaying... seems to be an overreaction.
... I suppose we just had the misfortune of choosing this school in this country at this time."

I tend to agree. If Thai Immigration has put a head lock on CMU visa approvals, what are they to do?

Sitting (well not really) but, waiting, waiting....


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