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Ever wanted to learn Thai, in Chiang Mai? I did just that from November 2010, returning home in October 2011. If you don't want a headache, start HERE, it will explain the preceding posts. I'm Snap, Stray's other half. COOEE is our (other) travel blog.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

ALMOST The beginning - Wish me luck!

The last few weeks have left me feeling a bit unhinged. For those who have not read the preceding posts, this is a VERY brief summary.

I enrolled in a One Year Thai Language course, at the Language Institute at Chiang Mai University, in May 2010 and have spent the last several months, along with my husband (he'll be doing a TEFL course), packing up our lives.

My course and the Cultural Exchange program were cancelled. Time will tell if I receive a refund for the 15,000 ฿ I paid as a deposit. There are various explanations as to why the two programs were wiped, some of which you can read in the earlier posts.

About four weeks prior to travelling I received the email breaking the bad news and didn't want to rush into parting with any more money while still in Australia, organising another course. So, I'm arriving on a 60 tourist visa and will take it from there. I've made a short list of language schools who offer visa support and will investigate their cirriculums, then make a decision while in Chiang Mai. Because I am arranging this in Thailand, I'll have to fly to Laos or similar and apply for my Non Immigration ED visa.

I was tempted to delete the old posts and start from here, but that wouldn't tell the whole story and they'll remain here for prosperity.

I'll be arriving in Chiang Mai fairly late on the 21st October 2010 and probably won't be posting on this blog until after then...unless something goes terribly wrong on Monday when Stray and I visit the Thai Consulate in Brisbane to apply for our visas.

Wish me luck!


  1. 'unless something goes terribly wrong'

    My fingers are crossed for you having good luck on your entry into Thailand, as well as finding a suitable Thai language school in Chiang Mai.

  2. I'm truly not a pessimist, just a nit naawy (นิดหน่อย) jaded at the moment. It hasn't dampened my zest to learn though!

    I am hoping that the Thai Consulate doesn't think it strange that I don't have an outbound ticket and that Stray is staying for one year. We'll see.

    Thanks for the well wishes.


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