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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm going to??????????????

I received an email from the 'PATT', director of IUS. It's long and arduous, but basically says that my One Year Thai Language course, along with the Language Exchange program has been CANCELLED.

The 'PATT' stated CMU's stance on the whole situation is:
  1. LICMU will still not sign visas.
  2. LICMU has said there are to be absolutely no classes for foreigners at LICMU after 30 September 2010.
  3. IUS has exhausted all its funds in the refunding of courses fees and other expenses due to students because of lack of either a visa or classes.
  4. LICMU is refusing to refund any money to students.
The 'PATT' did however say:

In this type of situation, where one partner (LICMU) refuses to meet their obligations to students, it was wrong of me to think that that excuses IUS (or myself) from its continuing responsibilities to our students. It was wrong of me to allow affected students to get handed around like a "hot potato" from IUS to LICMU and back again, with no one taking responsibility for the situation that students - by absolutely no fault of their own - had found themselves in.  I am very sorry and I will do everything in my power to rectify my mistake.

Therefore, IUS (and myself) from this point forward takes full (and personal) responsibility for the further refunding of any fair claim from students either in the Cultural Exchange Program or the 1 Year Thai Language Program.

IUS (and myself) will need some time to refund all monies owed to all students (there are currently close to 300 affected students). However, I believe that IUS can clear ALL monies owing within 180 days.

The TEFL course seems to be intact...for now. looks like I'm going to my Thai Language course via Laos!


  1. Good grief girl. What will you do now? For language schools in Chiang Mai there is... AUA... and what others?

  2. Well...there is Walen, Payap University and a few others on the internet like, Talk Talk. I am sure there are others not so visible on the web and will investigate them when I can actually hit the streets of Chiang Mai.

    It's a relief to finally know where I am NOT going, but very disappointing to say the least. Laos, here I come, lol!

  3. Oh...and Prolanguage, I have heard of this one before.


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