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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thereputical update

Today I collected my 60 day tourist visa from the Thai Consulate in Brisbane. It was handed to me by a lovely young Thai lady scuffling around the office in a pair of animal (puppy I think) slippers. This is truly a little chunk of TiT in my own home town.

I had been a been a bit nervous, as I don't have an out bound plane ticket, conditional according to their website. And, when we visited on Monday, Stray's Non Immigration visa was processed on the spot. But not mine. Although mine was FREE! Not sure why, some sort of visa sale? probably to encourage tourism after the recent shirt incidents.

Although I really don't want to dwell on the shenanigans that have transpired over the last few weeks (with CMULI), I felt an update was in order...and in some way, verbalising it just makes me feel a bit better.

I started to wonder about my course refund...should I be doing something about it and not just taking one person's word that I will get it within the next 6 months? I should set my own wheels in motion...shouldn't I? A few days ago I emailed the CMU finance and their general address expressing my concerns and provided them with my payment details.

No reply from CMU, so as suggested on Thai Visa, I emailed the Australian Embassy in Bangkok...just to make them aware of the whole ugly mess, especially for those current students who have been left out in the cold...or extreme heat in this case. I received a two line reply a couple of hours later, stating that they had heard about the shamozzle, the involvement of Australians and wished me luck with the pursuit of my refund. OK, no joy there, but I really didn't expect any.

Stray received his police check last week, but mine was delivered on a slow boat from China. Got it! I'm happy to announce I'm not a criminal.

I also contacted my bank to see if I have any way of recouping my deposit, either through them or Visa. They said it's worth a try, even though the transaction was older than 90 days, can't hurt can it? I'll pop in and pick up a form when I bank the illusive cheque from the sale of my shares...if I ever get it...they called today saying they'd lost all of my documentation.  #&^%$!*(&^"

I'm still smiling.


  1. 'they called today saying they'd lost all of my documentation'

    Your Australian bank lost your documentation?

    I was at immigration in BKK today for my 90 day stamp. I don't usually attend, but the person in charge forgot to get my passport (and I did as well) so... an actual body was needed. This body does not like the hard seats at immigration.

  2. Hi Cat, AUSTRALIAN BANK...maybe I should be saying EIA (Even in Australia). The good news is that the transaction is now complete and I should be able to continue eating for a while longer :)

    "I don't usually attend"? How does that work?


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