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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

I'm going to shift focus for this post, to Stray's TEFL course, because frankly this is just annoying the crap out of me. Bare with me if you will.

  • Stray books a TEFL course, via a booking (UK/US) agent, to be held at CMULI
  • I book a one year Thai language course directly with CMULI
  • Mine was cancelled recently by the director of IUS. I've since found that IUS, allegedly, is not registered company.
  • Stray's course was confirmed around the same time by the director of IUS.
  • The booking agent instructed Stray to contact him directly about confirmation of the course, airport taxi and accommodation? All included in his package.
  • Stray hears nothing more from the booking agent and time's a wasting, we leave next week. Where does he go, at what time, what does he bring?
  • Reply - contact someone, anyone, at ...jing reuu, who are they?
  • Whoever they are, the domain name is registered to Chiang Mai University Language Institute (Exactly who is CMULI?).
  • As do the other four domains disowned by CMU in their public statement. Note, I didn't name the file in the link.
  • According that that statement CMULI = CMU, not IUS.
  • Now we have five domains in the picture. Four out of these domains all have the same contact person, the director of IUS, including !
  • The CMU public statement also says that all four courses have been cancelled, including TEFL.
  • A new geographical location was provided by the booking agent to a friend of mine, who was enquiring about the same TEFL course, a few days ago.
  • Now, low and behold, the TEFL course reemerges at a different geographical location, but under the same website registrant, CMULI.
Is it just me? Do I need medicating?

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  1. 'Is it just me? Do I need medicating?'

    Welcome to Thailand ;-)

  2. At the risk of forming a possible drug habbit, I'm hoping all of the above is true. If they're all run/owned by the same company/people ... Stray hasn't paid his course balance yet ;) My refund would make a nice discount.

  3. Thanks for this information most kindly...
    I was about to undertake a 60 hr online course throught the website that was meant to be chiang mai university...
    It was only when they sent me a e-mail asking to scan them a copy of my passport and all my other passport details at attain a visa to teach in thailand, that i was a little werry...

  4. Hi Anon, thanks for dropping by!

    Even though Unitefl is not on the CMU grounds, nor is it run by CMU, we received confirmation yesterday (from the director) that the UniTEFL course is still going ahead. Of course, we won't really know until we get there!

    To be fair, I haven't found any references to CMU on the website, without the words 'formerly' and 'previously' etc. preceding.

    We were also asked to scan our passports and email them when the course was still at CMU, this is normal procedure...I think!

  5. I did a TEFL course at CMU earlier this year.
    Scanning/sending passport is normal procedure - hotels, car rentals and so on will also make copies of your passport. Don't worry about it.

    The wrangling around the CMULI and the TEFL and CEP programs are interesting, but I don't understand the ins and outs fully. I'd be grateful if you kept up postings on the subject!

    Regards, F.

  6. Hi Fred, thanks for visiting! I doubt we will never really know why the One Year Thai course and CEP were ousted by CMU, other than what is in their public statement. There are two forums (one now closed) at discussing(speculating) the whole issue. I will keep posting if any new news comes to light.

    I'd be interested to hear more about the TEFL course you completed, what you thought of it etc., either by comment or email.


  7. Happily give you my impressions, but I can't see an email address anywhere......

    I had to use mine to comment on your blog - somewhere in Blogger, you should find my email address??

    Best regards, Fred.

  8. Sorry Fred, I must have removed the email widget from the side bar. My email address is Cheers!

  9. Ugh, I'm so confused--I can't imagine how you're feeling! Are you guys still coming on the day you planned?

  10. It's been similar to being in a blender!!!! Yep, we're still leaving as planned. I'm finding a language school ASAP and organising my ED Visa in Laos. Stray's course appears to be on track...but hey, who really knows ;)


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