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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good news?

Stray (who will be attending the 4 week TEFL course) received an email from someone high up at CMU so I decided to email them with my concerns...the suspense was killing me. I stated that I have had no reply to my email sent on the 3rd September and am growing concerned about what I am reading on the Internet and the absence of my visa document.

I received a less than 24 hour response, stating that my visa doc will be sent directly to the consulate tomorrow (faxed) and for me to also send my application etc.

 *post edit - We will have to wait until we have received our police checks, before sending our visa applications to the Thai Consulate.

It appears to be good news at this stage and had I not been so inquisitive, the last couple of posts would not exist...and I don't need justification of what I've read, I'm just ecstatic that the ball seems to rolling again.

Fingers crossed!


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