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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CMU Videos and (a bit of) History

Chiang Mai University, or Mor Chor, was established in 1964. Its three campuses are spread over 3 490 acres. Suan Suk main campus is about 5 km west of the city, on the way to Doi Suthep and occupies around 750 acres. It is bordered by Chiang Mai Zoo and three main shopping streets.

The university has 170 departments and offers over 250 courses.

'General' video footage of CMU seems scarce, but I did find these.

A tour around the campus. (uploaded to Youtube 2006)

A much longer video in Thai, showing old photos and film of CMU's beginnings, opening ceremony and graduations etc., until current day (uploaded 2008).

Uni food at the street stalls!!!! The quality of the film is poor, but note the video goes for over two minutes at a rather fast walking pace past the tables of food and you can just catch a glimpse at the beginning of some of the prices. (uploaded to Youtube 2009)

This video of the annual CMU 14 km? walk/race up to to Doi Suthep is quite dramatic. It shows the students (grouped according to their courses I believe) performing war cries and starting on their hilly trek/race. (uploaded to Youtube 2010) I've driven up and down that road, so I can tell you this is not for the faint hearted, especially in mid summer.

I can't wait to take my own videos after I've settled in.

Map below:

Yellow pin - CMU Language Institute to the eastern border of the campus.
Purple pin - Doi Suthep
Pink pin - Chiang Mai Zoo

View Chiang Mai Uni Campus Area in a larger map


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