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Monday, February 6, 2012

Not learning Thai

I can't believe it's been over three months since we left the land of smiles. Studying Thai after returning to Australia was always an unknown, the how, the when, the what and the will we? We knew it would be more difficult, not being surrounded by the language everyday, not having native speakers to answer our questions and it being absolutely unnecessary here. That and settling back into your old life, really does slow a person down.

After the first few weeks of being in limbo land and reverse culture shock, Stray started pushing to continue with our studies. Every morning, before I'd well and truly woken up with my second cup of coffee, before I knew it, he'd have our Thai books out and quizzing me or start talking to me in Thai. Tricky, yes, but it worked. And, for a few more weeks we continued like that. Watching Youtube videos, writing down new words and utilising free online learning resources. Most of which are listed on WLT, thanks to Catherine, who is relentless in tracking them down and finding new sites for us learners.

However, as time goes by and my work increases, and visitors come and go and come and go, (and I have to do my own laundry ;) I find it increasingly more challenging to find the time and the energy to continue to learn Thai. The good news is, we still speak Thai (when the words come to us) and we haven't forgotten much (I don't think), and have even added a couple of new words/phrases to our vocabulary.

The solution is simply 'discipline'. Discipline to make time and keep a routine/schedule.  Structure!

Cheers! สเนป  
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  1. 'Discipline' - That's so fabulous to hear. It must be hard work to keep up your studies when not in Thailand. No daily reminders that you must... keep... plugging away. Congrats!

  2. If you have an IPad, IPod, android device, there is a great app called Lingo Thai? The free version worked so great I purchased the full version for 20$. It's much better and more complete then Rosetta Stone... My wife who is Thai is really impressed how quickly I'm learning her language (I guess it helps to have a free full time tutor around the house as well).

    1. Hi Core, thanks for dropping by. I do have an android, with 3 Thai dictionaries. The best by far is Paiboon's Word in the Hand, Thai-English-Thai.

      I was lucky enough to trial it during its testing stages and now have the final version installed. It's amazing! Review coming soon.

      A full time tutor in the house wouldn't go astray either ;)



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