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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ox Udders?

Stray and I were at the flower market, near Warorot (or Walolot depending on what side of the tracks you're from) and spotted these.

We asked some Thai ladies passing by and were able to establish the words 'ox' and 'milk' and a gesture indicating 'udders'...yep, I can see the resemblance. They do look like pears that have sprouted udders. They appear to be plastic, but I can't be sure.
What are they?

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  1. I can't be certain but I have heard these referred to as "Makeua Kartoon". Seems an appropriate name to me anyway.

  2. Hi Peter and thanks...OK Makeua (มะเขือ) = eggplant, but I'm stumped on 'Kartoon'? Is part of that, ทูน or ทูล thuun?

  3. I keep checking back to see if anyone has answered this... and since they haven't...

    I googled and came up with: รูป ข้างบน เป็น มะเขือ สาแหรก (Solanum mammosum L.) สวย แต่ กิน ไม่ได้ ครับ

    Then this:

    Here it is in English:

    Common name: apple of Sodom, cow's udder, nyun wenkibobi, soresumba, mackaw bush, nipple fruit, titty fruit.

    How funny...

  4. Here's more discussion:

  5. Funny's not the word...they looked too bizarre to be real! I'm still not sure if those in the photo were plastic replications...didn't think it would be polite to bite into one :) In hind sight, just as well, being poisonous and all.

    Thanks Catherine!

  6. Peter...this must be, might be, the reference to 'eggplant': In Chinese culture it is known as five fingered eggplant(五指茄).- Wiki


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