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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Total Visa costs - applying within Australia

OUR Visa costs for the (Thai) Non Immigration Visa, applying within Australia. This visa covers the first 90 days, at which time a visit to Thai Immigration is required, to apply for an extension. Presently that cost is ฿1,900.

*The information below pertains to Stray and I, you should follow any instructions that are applicable to your situation and as advised by your relevent organisation. Prices are in Australian dollars and are per person.

Passport photos - $10.00 - $15.00 (only 2 required)
Express Postage - $9.00
Police Check - 'Name Only' (a Blue Card could also acceptable) - $43.00
Our local police advised that the Thai Consulate often rejects their checks and for us to apply directly with the Australian Federal Police. Application form available online. Approximately a 15 working day turn around, from the time they receive it.

Non Immigrant Visa - Multiple Entry - $225.00. Information on the Thai Consulate website, where you can also download the application form. This form is different to that on the Sydney consulate's site.

Registered postage with proof of receipt - $? - not sure, as we will be taking ours in personally. I called the consulate today and they advised that if all our documents were in order,  it would only take one hour to process.

Total - around AU$292.00 each

Note - on the visa application form downloaded from the Brisbane consulate it asks for a guarantor, both local and in Thailand. A guarantor in this case refers to your next of kin. List them accordingly, or not, if you don't have one.

Now we wait for Stray's police check to arrive. I don't need one but applied anyway, just in case. He'll need his, because his TEFL will hopefully lead to a job teaching children. I called the AFP today and they advised that it was still being processed.


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