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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When learn language websites behave badly.

“It is normal that American people from the north do not fully understand those from the south. The way of life, climate and everything all impact pronunciation.”

But, rest assured...

“We have example of online English conversation in different situations that you likely to use oftenly.”

Learn how to use tenses and grammar....

“I hit him at the back yesterday.
He was hit by me at the back yesterday.

A pen is under the table.
I have two pens in my pockey.

John is kicked by me
They are cooked by Marry.

Jim is a little nervous when he on the stage yesterday.

Our group have different oppinion on where to go today.

I will have jumped to the water if the bear will come."

And... “if you want to speak english fluently. You can visit our conversation corner...”

“How long do we have to wait? Arond five to ten minutes”

“Can I site here? It's ok for me.”

“Excuse me. Do you mind taking us pictures?”

 "I heard you are going to have an exam tomorrow. Yes, I'm quite worry about it.”

“Shalle we postpone?”

Learn the meanings of popular idioms....

“A hot potato = A hot issue that people are talking about
Eating someone = Disturbing someone
Backup the wrong horse = Support the wrong person, team or side.
Egg on the facel = To be embarrassed
Eata humble pie = Admit on something
Fly a kite = Test reaction of the idea
In black and white = Formal (dress)
Jockey the position = Try to train or someone to be best in their job/position
Jungle out there = Something are dangerous outside
X rate (Rate X) = Too aggressive
Panic stations = Very exciting situation”

Learn by watching movies... “Right, the thing is you don't just watch it but you have to watch by learning purpose to create more useful entertainment.... The steps may annoy your emotion but if you want to learn English you better follow below steps. Otherwise, you may lost your time and effort without nothing.”

“At xxxxxschool, we believe that memory cannot take you any far in English learning journey.” “Listenning skill is one of the most difficult among all other English learning skill because it gives you the least time for your brain to process.”

“Everyone loves playing game so why waste your time with a non-sense online game, if you can play English Game Online with us.”

Try your hand at some multiple choice quizzes...

“Our effort is good to a/an/the environment.
Don't look at a/an/the sun with your bear eyes?
I earn many/much/both money this year.
We are so hungry. There is little/a little/few food left?

“It was my pressure to meet you.” But, for now I’m going back to my “Ivory tower = A perfect, and unreal, place where everyone dream to stay.”

The not so funny thing about this website is that it appears to be mainly a vehicle for advertising, and that people are actually consulting it and its forum. Think I scoured the site for hours looking for errors? Think was hard to stop (copying and pasting) at just the few examples in this post.

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  1. Wow.... and I mean, WOW. I've come across sites with similar boogers here and there but that one... wow...

  2. @Catherine It's a real humdinger! I was going to publish the URL, but don't want to increase their Google rating...especially with traffic from here.

    Like English isn't hard enough to learn already.

  3. That's just bad, really, really bad. But I bet my Thai is as good as their English. :)

  4. @Josh I guess that's the 'glass half full' way of looking at it...but still!

    And, hey, I *wish* my Thai was this good/bad ;)


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