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Friday, July 22, 2011

Chiang Mai Tribal Museum CLOSED..but when does it reopen?

In March I asked Stray to take me out to Chiang Mai's Tribal Museum...but it was closed. Never mind, we had a nice lunch by the lake and listened to some Karoke. Even Stray had a go. It's an interesting place to dine, with nearly the entire water's edge occupied by sala cafes and restaraunts. A little ramshackle, but full of character.
The meals are inexpensive and vendors drop by from time to time, selling snacks and fruit. Note that not all of the eateries have English speaking staff or menus, so if you don't know a little Thai, you'll have extra fun.
The Bamboo worms (หนอนไม้ไผ่) I bought on the first visit.
So we returned the other day to find this sign, which I didn't notice on our first visit.

Apart from the obvious 'CLOSED!',  it says its closed for renovation and if you don't have business being there, you can't go in. What's covered in white paint, I can't make out...but did it close in 2553 (last year), was it due to reopen then, when is it reopening?

Any ideas?
Judging from the upstairs windows, there's a bit of work to be done yet.
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  1. Oh no! I didn't stop by the Tribal Museum when I was there (Chiang mai and rai). I hope it's open by the time I go back!

  2. @Catherine gggrrrrrr, I really wanted to see it before going back to Oz. They say it's small, but well worth seeing.


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