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Ever wanted to learn Thai, in Chiang Mai? I did just that from November 2010, returning home in October 2011. If you don't want a headache, start HERE, it will explain the preceding posts. I'm Snap, Stray's other half. COOEE is our (other) travel blog.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've enrolled!

The other day I visited Pro Language and liked what they had to say, their professionalism and attitude. I enrolled and will now have to wait for up to 3 weeks to find out if my application has been approved by MOE.

In the mean time, I'm not pulling out my language books very often, but rather listen to what's being said around me and trying to speak more Thai when out shopping, or with hotel staff etc. I am starting to comprehend the numbers (prices) automatically. But when I get stuck and begin to use my fingers to count, the helpful Thai shop assistant will interject with English. It's probably rude of me to shush them, so I don't. Most Thai people are more than happy to teach you a little if they know your keen to learn and they seem to enjoy practicing their English at the same time.

I'm picking up new words and phrase, largely due to Stray, who is much more outgoing than I and willing to have a go and make mistakes. He may end up with a wider vocabulary than I...but hey, I might be able to read a Thai menu, eventually :)

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  1. Congrats! Pro Language has a good reputation.

    I've always wondered if message buttons would help newbies to foreign languages.

    Student of Thai language
    Please speak slowly
    Please speak Thai

    Because if you know a little of a foreign language, then the locals start speaking in rapid fire. Not enough, and they switch to English. Or laugh.

  2. Yes...laugh, switch to English or tilt their head to one side and look at you like an alien, some even look a little scared.

    I am excited about school :) And am slowly getting more confident about interacting in Thai. The more I get out and about, the more relaxed I feel...until the next time I get tongue tied :(

    I agree about the message buttons!

  3. Ha, what you and Catherine said is SO true! Now I'm at the point where I can ask a question without pausing between each word, so people automatically start speaking too quickly...then we get some Thinglish going on. I don't want to force it if their English is clearly better than my Thai, but I do want to practice!

    p.s. Looks like my comments are going through! Hooray!

  4. yay Megan, the blockage has been unblocked!

    Come to think of it, we went to a (non tourist) market early this morning and there seemed to be much less English this would be a good place for me to practice my Thai. I dread to think what I might bring home in my shopping bags though ;)

  5. Snap, congrats...I think You'll like Pro Language. If the teachers are anything like mine you will now only learn but have fun doing so.

  6. Thanks Talen! They called today, they're scheduling class times, but I still haven't got the nod from MOE yet. The staff are really nice.


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